ARC Review | ‘One Sunny Afternoon’ by Amanda Jetté Knox

One Sunny Afternoon


One Sunny Afternoon: A Memoir of Trauma and Healing by Amanda Jetté Knox
Expected publication: August 22, 2023
by Viking
Genres: Memoir, non-fiction, mental health
Memory is an imperfect thing, and sometimes it’s good to re-evaluate the stories we tell ourselves.


From the bestselling author of Love Lives Here, a deeply personal memoir about facing life-long trauma head on, and bravely healing the scars that endure.

For writer and human rights advocate Amanda Jetté Knox, the inspiring story of her family’s journey of love and acceptance, when both her child and partner came out as transgender one after the other, was the hopeful beginning to their new lives. Their tale, shared in her memoir Love Lives Here and embraced by readers everywhere, quickly found its way to the top of bestseller lists.

Yet in the spring of 2020, Jetté Knox began to experience targeted attacks on social media, and she soon became the subject of a small but very vocal group that criticized her book’s success and her advocacy work. The intensity of the backlash grew and drove Jetté Knox to contemplate suicide. But instead of taking her life, on one sunny afternoon, she went to the hospital to seek help.

One Sunny Afternoon is a searing testament to Amanda Jetté Knox’s extraordinary reckoning with her past and present, to find hope in her future. Triggered by the online harassment, she wades through her personal history and details the incidents of violence, addiction, and sexual assault that have haunted her. When Amanda eventually receives a diagnosis of Anxiety Disorder and Mood Disorder (also known as complex PTSD) and dedicates herself to recovery, she emerges with newfound strength, resiliency, and confidence.

One Sunny Afternoon is a profoundly moving and candid account of how trauma can shape us, but not define us, and reveals how even in our darkest moments—and on our most hopeless days—light can find its way in.

My Thoughts

This ARC I so kindly received from the manager at my local indie bookstore, who is known to give me “freebies” that publishers send them for kicks that aren’t for sale. She’s the best. I literally gasped when she brought this one out, because I absolutely loved Knox’s first memoir Love Lives Here (highly recommend) and added One Sunny Afternoon to my TBR the minute they announced the pub date on their social media.

Suffice to say that One Sunny Afternoon is just as compelling and necessary as Knox’s first book, which chronicled their experience with their middle child coming out as transgender–only for their spouse to also then come out as transgender the following year. While Love Lives Here received a great deal of positive press here in Canada when it was released in 2019, it also led to a lot of people attacking Knox on social media (read: Twitter), for supposedly profiting off of their family’s stories and being an ally for profit. (If you know Knox and any of their advocacy, you know this couldn’t be further from the truth.)

Eventually the harassment led to virtually every corner of their screen being monopolized with hate, and one sunny afternoon in May 2020, Knox presented themself to an ER wanting to end their life. Their second book chronicles a lifetime of traumas and how they have since learned to heal, a lifeline for those of us who need reminding that healing is possible. 30/10 would recommend. Go pre-order this book. Right now. GO!

Yes, awful things had happened that were beyond my control. These things had harmed me, that was certain. But I was paying the price every day by making those awful things my whole story.

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